Strategies for the Transition to the Application of Human Resource Information Systems in Saudi Government institutions: an Analytical Study

Abdulaziz Ali Alshamrani, Mohammed Ali Alzahrani


The application of digital transformation strategies is a basic requirement and a new vision because of the technical glut that we live in and keeping pace with the electronic revolution that has been embodied in unprecedented leaps in the extent of its strength, its spread, and the extent of its impact on the details of life in all its social, economic, scientific, industrial, agricultural, and governmental activities. To codify its strategies in digital transformation to upgrade its services and keep pace with the technological age, and human resources information systems are the backbone of government institutions, given that we live today in a society whose view of human capital has changed, and seeks to benefit from and harness these systems.

The study gains its importance from the human resources information systems that are used in the development of the infrastructure of government institutions and achieve interdependence between employees in government systems and government studies, and what prompts government institutions to adopt strategies in the application of human resources information systems and economic plans and systematic and studied plans that clarify the best practices and help in starting the activity The series from traditional HR systems to electronic HR information systems. The study relied on the descriptive approach using the analytical method. Data collection opportunity to collect data.

The most important findings of the study: The organization under study applied the strategy of transition to human resources information systems in a manner characterized by success due to the selection of the appropriate strategy in line with the size and work of the organization. Introductory and qualifying courses that help a smooth transition towards a digital organization, and finally that the organization under study has been noted for its continuous support and motivation in the application of human resource information systems and the keenness to apply it and the fruitful results it will achieve as a result. Among the most important recommendations that came out of the study are the following: Organizations should develop a clear and specific plan about transformation, choose the most appropriate strategy for their current situation, The need for strong support and desire among departments the organization's higher level for transformation processes, and this is directly proportional to the desire of employees at various levels of departments, which makes them more confident and supportive of transformation processes.


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