The Reality of the Application of the Ministry of Health of its e-Government Website During Covid 19 Pandemic

Eman Alfaifi, Rahaf Almohammadi, Shrouq Alahmadi


In light of the current development and digital transformation, governments have taken to the application of the requirements of e-Government to allow their citizens get easy access to their services efficiently and effectively. It is in this vein that the present study aims to explore the reality of the application of the Ministry of Health of its e-government website during Covid 19 pandemic. A descriptive analytic approach was used to analyse the literature on the subject matter in addition to using the appraisal method to assess the extent at which the criteria of e-government of the Ministry of Health’s website have been applied during the Covid 19 pandemic. A number of findings were attained including: The Ministry of Health paid great attention to the application of e-government criteria. There is some shortage in the application of e-government criteria.  Covid-19 pandemic increased the level of application of e-government criteria of the Ministry of Health’s website. Moreover, the application of e-government criteria in Saudi institutions is in line with the 2030 vision. Based on these findings, the research recommends paying extra attention to more intensive application of e-government criteria, enlightening community members of the importance of offering services according to e-government criteria and its positive impact on facilitating access to the services they need and to conduct further studies in the future to appraise the level of application of e-government in various Saudi public institutions.



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