The need to draw up a knowledge management strategy in patient relationship management (CRM): a proposed plan for the health sector

Dr. Nabil Abdullah Komosany


The study dealt with drawing up a strategy for patient relationship management (CRM) based on knowledge services in the health sector. one of the main objectives of the study is prepare a strategy for patient relationship management based on knowledge management in the health sector, to identify the steps and procedures for the transformation of patient relationship management. The study used the descriptive approach, and a focus group was used for a group of doctoral students. In the end of the study presented a vision of what knowledge management should be, as well as an advanced model for patient services in health sector, processing, and making available knowledge in a modern and sophisticate manner. one of the most important recommendations of the study are the preparation of training programs for workers in the management of patient services related to behavioral aspects, creating digital content, and achieving integration between the health sector and patients.



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