Artificial Intelligence and Its role in Supporting Marketing

Hameed Abdullah Aloufi, Muhammad Ali Al Atif, Adel Habib Allah Abdul Aziz


After being just an imagination of science fiction writers, the artificial intelligence has greatly expanded and is taking more and more important roles in various and varied practices and fields in a way that it may completely change the course of human history.  In fact, the artificial intelligence technologies have entered many fields such as health and education. Moreover, they have played a prominent role in changing the form of business administration in general and marketing. This study aimed at identifying the effect of using artificial intelligence applications in support of various marketing processes using the methodology of the critical evaluation of the related research, studies, and literature. The study concluded that artificial intelligence has a prominent and axial role in the transformation of electronic transactions between services and goods producers and consumers and in analyzing their needs. In other words, it is a strategic shaping of the marketing and business future models. It has also a major role in increasing efficiency, saving time, and making marketing decision more feasible and accessible to customer database management. The study recommended the use and application of artificial intelligence tools and technologies in social media, in improving research engines and in the marketing digital development.


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