Technical Characteristics and Standards Adapted for Electronic Archiving: An Evaluation Study

Dania Zaki Al-Malki, Nada Muhammad Al-Khuzai, Wafa Ali Al-Hazmi


In view of the updates represented by the institutions in choosing the approved electronic archiving systems that meet the technical standards and the required characteristics and the lack of studies in the field. This paper has directed to the analysis, examination and evaluation of a number of studies that discussed the most prominent technical standards and characteristics in electronic archiving systems in order to exit Among them is a list that lists the most prominent "main" technical standards and characteristics, and to achieve the desired goal, the study adopted the method of critical evaluation, whereby a number of Arab and foreign studies were enumerated and analyzed, which amounted to 14 studies, and reached a number of results, the most prominent of which are: Five criteria Main technical standards important to have in any archiving system, namely: capture, organization, storage and disposal, search and retrieval, management. As for the sub-technical criteria, the degree of their important depends on the needs of the institution, and a number of (26) of the technical characteristics that were collected from Previous studies, which represent a necessity, must be available in a good electronic archiving system, and thus the process of choosing electronic archiving systems according to the main technical standards will facilitate the institutions Where the difference of view on the main technical standards of electronic archiving has been resolved and standardized, and thus electronic archiving systems will be able to properly manage and archive their records. This study has recommended that it is better for future studies to focus on studying functional requirements from specialized aspects, as the benefit will be greater, and the necessity of adopting a standard list of technical specifications categorized by the degree of importance of each standard from an important basic standard, an important sub-standard and an optional standard.



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