The Practical Models of Electronic Archiving: An Evaluation Study

Wafa'a Ali Alhazmi


Given the challenges the institutions that use manual archiving face from low productivity to poor provided services, there was an urgent need to transform to the electronic archiving systems. Additionally, what makes transferring to electronic archiving mandatory and having practical models of electronic archiving unavoidable is the various problems that faced the institutions during the coronavirus pandemic which highlighted the importance of studying these models. Therefore, this paper aims mainly at assessing and analyzing the studies that discussed and studied the practical models of electronic archiving to highlight the most important sides that should be studied, focus on the importance of electronic archiving by clarifying the added value it adds to the authority that applies it, and focus on the great importance represented by the studies that care about development and design. This is through identifying to what extent the care about studying these models is and identifying what has been studied regarding these models and the added value these models added to the authorities that apply them. To achieve the aim of the study, the critical appraisal methodology has been adopted and ten foreign studies were chosen and analyzed. The study reached a number of conclusions; the most significant are the notable care about the field of studying the practical models of electronic archiving and the studies’ orientation towards studying the challenges more than the development and design. The electronic archiving models contributed to the development and improvement of the authorities that apply them and showed their importance and the great role they play in developing the sectors and progressing of the countries. Furthermore, they will open research perspectives to topics that have not been adequately addressed such as the effect of the practical models on developing the sectors. Moreover, the importance of the results is represented in enhancing the trends of the scientific research that care about development, design and improvement. These studies may contribute to developing electronic archiving and information management by creating new mechanisms for the electronic archiving management.


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