Electronic Archiving Systems and their Applications in Various Organizations and Institutions: An Analytical Study

Nora Abdullah Al-Zahrani, Afra Ali Al-Marri


Abstract :Information forms the cornerstone on which institutions and organizations rely to make their decisions and build their strategies, and this information is amplified day by day, and organizations face a challenge in storing this amount of information in administrative work systems, so they must archive their documents and files in the best way that ensures preservation, regardless of how old they are in time with Ensure that it can be searched and retrieved properly, and electronic archiving systems are the best solution to meet this need of institutions and organizations. This scientific paper aimed to shed light on the most important electronic archiving systems that institutions and organizations can implement, analyzing the essential differences between these systems and identifying their advantages and disadvantages. The study relied on the method of critical evaluation to extract information from intellectual production on the subject of electronic archiving systems. Among the most important findings of the study: Provides many commercial and open source electronic archiving systems that provide digital archiving solutions to all institutions and organizations of various activities and sizes.

The reliance of many studies on reviewing intellectual production to evaluate electronic archiving systems and the lack of studies that have deliberately applied these systems. The study concludes on the importance of using electronic archiving systems in institutions and organizations because of the solutions it provides to them to archive digital as well as traditional informational content and preserve it regardless of the aging of time with the ability to search through it and retrieve it effectively and in a timely manner.

This scientific paper recommended the necessity of conducting studies that apply electronic archiving systems to analyze and evaluate them to come up with the characteristics and requirements of these systems and the electronic archiving solutions they provide to institutions and organizations and to set standards that help in the task of choosing the optimal system for the institution or organization according to its objectives, size and activities


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