Advantages of Searching Computerized Files in Different Organizations: Survey Study

Reem Abdel Aziz Abdel Bari


The researcher prepared the paper entitled "Advantages of Research in Computerized Files in Various Fields" with the aim of investigating the growth of organizations and companies by applying to a selected sample of fields by clarifying the features that could contribute to the development of research in computerized files and working to summarize them as much as possible, and I hope that It is a reference for sectors that aspire to improve search systems in their computerized files. The paper aimed to identify the advantages of searching in computerized files. The researcher used the critical evaluation method, and among the most prominent results of the paper: The advantages of research in computerized files were classified into three areas, represented in the financial field. Educational and electronic, in order to learn about the advantages of searching in computerized files in the different fields that studies have gathered on and its prominent role in various fields. The paper recommended the following: Evaluating search systems in computerized files in different organizations to enable the development of systems in a way that increases their efficiency and doubles their productivity, conducting studies aimed at identifying ways to support current systems and the need to develop search systems in computerized files to suit the various requirements of different fields.



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