Information Society and Globalization Challenges in the Arab World

Khalil Yaghi, Ahmed Albariqi


Today, we witness huge developments in the field of information, technology, and communications, which become constitute a substantial axis of the development axes. and a gauge for nations’ development and advancement. Information and technology have even become the dynamics of our modern culture, and have an ongoing impact on the individual life & future, as well as, on the people's and communities’ progress.

       If we look into the recent communities’ reality, we would find that they live in a world which necessitates them to interact and communicate with this robust revolution and accelerating developments. Hence, advanced and developed communities are, from the technical & scientific viewpoint, that characterized by developed & more reactive means of communication, are those communities which affecting the developing communities, or those seeking pursued technological & scientific development that enable them to encounter the cycle of information or information outbreak. Therefore, information exchange and cultural contact have become larger among communities, as well as expertise sharing and behavior similarity which led to the merging of such communities, and made them integrated with one global community; and this phenomenon is called “Globalization”.

      In this research, we shall discuss the concept of informatics’ community, and define its substantial dimensions which may lead us to learn the challenges surrounding it. Thereafter, we shall focus on the globalization, its challenges and impacts on informatics’ communities, whether positively of passively, how to deal with them, then how to present recommendations, including the results of such research.                   


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