Partial (Chapter 7) Book Review and Contradicting Evi-dences of The Fall of Ottomans by Eugene Roganby (The Annihilation of the Armenians)

Ata Atun, Şükrü Server Aya


Subject chapter, Chapter 7 of The Fall of Ottomans, bears no “judicially valid evidences at all”, and is a narration of other people’s narratives or works.  It has no chronological consistency or any reasons properly told. These are too many and would require another chapter of verbatim answers which can be documentarily given with ease. The dependable source Taner Akcam (an extreme leftist prison fugitive in 1978, sheltered in Germany for a decade and later transferred to the care of Mr. Dadrian and created as scholar) in all these years has not produced one authentic document, other that “stories or fake evidences”. His salaries at Universities have been paid by rich Armenians. He is doing a “job for the money and support he gets”. The following posting with several references, unless the opposite is proven, weighs his scholarship and ethics:(Note: The blog post and share all polite comments).                                                                                                              

All other younger Turkish scholars and Akçam, I am sure, cannot answer or comment even for a quarter of the documentary evidences attached. Nobel laureate Mr. Pamuk ?  He just spoke for 1 million deaths as the password and got the prize thanks to the “complete support, proofreading and alterations of Prof. Maureen Freely”. Mr. Balakian is a “novelist”; in none of these charges we are shown even one page of “authentic evidence”.  It is all like separate grand ma tales…

As regards Mr. Donald Bloxham’s book, the following two essays will tell you about the photo fakery in his book. Ask Oxford University Press, they acknowledged the fakery but remained silent instead of an apology:             My review:   comments on Bloxham and Akcam books put next to each other


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