Mathematical Representation for The Concept of Knowledge and Truth



This paper aimed to propose new model called “Truth Based Knowledge Management Model” and abbreviated, “TBKMM”. This model is different from other models where it contains many different stages and it presents a new pyramid of knowledge which also contains many different levels.

In the other side, the paper presents a mathematical representation for the proposed KM model (TBKMM) to make the process of understanding it easier to comprehend . In his proposed representation, the researcher depends on the research which was proposed by Alkhaldi, F. M. (2005).

Furthermore, the paper presents a new mathematical formula to represent the tacit knowledge which is composed inside the heart of human being which is considered to be the main storage area for knowledge from the researcher point of view.

In addition, this paper found that the received information should pass through the following stages: Information reception, Information purifying, Knowledge composition, Wisdom composition, Certainty composition, and finally access to the Truth. 

Lastly, the paper presents the Truth formula which clarify the way by which we can access the top of the knowledge pyramid based on the TBKMM model.


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