A research for efficiency of using prefabrication building components in Building Information Modeling (BIM) process

Ebru Dogan, Hasan Polat


In process of construction activity, due to the absence of a regular organization plan, and lack of sufficient level of information in the design and conducting field,, are faced with many problems in terms of efficiency in time, quality and cost. Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) is become the main topic of the agenda because of increasingly complex structures for efficiently implementation of construction activities. BIM evaluate the models of the current situation, the work schedule, cost estimates, the sustainability analysis and building business for a building with plenty of programs supported by computer. Especially with using 2D and 3D design software program to make a building model, BIM make the model especially with building components but not with the lines. By this way, building can be simulated in computing environment before applied on a real construction area. So, all kinds of factors as defects, quality, cost and time in practice are considering to determined before building the final product constructed real construction area,. Moreover business process also predicted and make it possible to be revised the design decisions on the scale of building components and elements. In this study, was discussed the opportunities of BIM application on the efficiency of quality, time and cost issues by using prefabricated structural components and elements in the design process.


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