Design And Implementation of Experimental Setup For Neural Data Based Stimulator By Using Labview

Savaş Şahin, Mutlu Bayraktar, Kübra Evren Şahin


Recently, the requirements of biomedical technologies have forced to bring up appropriatelyeducated employees. That member staffs are to understand the relations of the multidiscipline, toassimilate theory and application. Hence, they could reach their knowledge of human body system andbiomedical systems so as to proceed and contribute to education technologies. In this study, a neuronoutput data based stimulator experimental setup is designed and implemented via virtual instruments(VIs) in LabVIEW. The neuron output data is generated with Hodgkin–Huxley model. The setup iseligible example to show how the fundamentals of biomedical systems build to the students and how adc motor can be controlled with neuron output data via VIs on PC. In future direction, a muscle nervecell will be used with invasive methods to stimulate a real dc motor setup. So, this application might bean initial stage of the designing prosthetic hand applications for students.


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