Turkish-French Relations in Recent Years: Signs of Normalization During Hollande Period and Predictions for The Future

Ozan Örmeci


Turkish-French relations are well rooted and based on strong economic, cultural andpolitical ties between two countries. However, in recent years, there have been some problemsbetween two countries and especially during the Presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy (2007-2012),these problems began to spoil relations between two nations as well. However, with theelection of François Hollande as the new President of the Republic in 2012, Turkey and Franceopened a new chapter in their relations. Although some issues creating problems in bilateralrelations were not completely solved, there has been a visible progress in Turkish-Frenchrelations during Hollande’s tenure in office. This article aims to analyze Turkish-Frenchrelations during Sarkozy and Hollande periods separately, to state main issues creatingproblems in bilateral relations, to analyze economic and cultural aspects of relations and todiscuss the future of relations in the light of recent political developments and Charlie Hebdoincident.


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