The Future of E-government in Saudi Arabia

Awad Saleh Alharbi


E government is representing paradigm shift in governments’ conduct of its businessand delivery of service to their citizens. The concept includes utilizing information andcommunication technology to provide government services. The subject of e government acrossthe globe has received immense discussion, especially on governance. However, little has featuredabout the e-government of the Asian countries. This paper discusses and explores E-governance ofAsia countries and mainly focuses on the case of Saudi Arabia. We quests to achieve this byconducting online, physical and one on one survey with a number of Saudi nationals. While mostresearches are chosen from the local areas, we have also surveyed Saudi nationals living andworking abroad. This is done on the premise that future of e-government in Saudi Arabia willimpact both local and abroad Saudi nationals. Moreover, the researcher has reviewed most recentacademic journals and other scholastic materials covering the subject of e government. Issueswhich are explored include e governance, social, economic, political, technological and legalenvironment. Further, we intend to review the successes, limits and challenges of e governmentsamong trend setting nations such as Korea, Kenya and some European nations. Data gathered wasanalyzed using SPSS 2.0 software and presented in tables, pie charts and graphs. It is expected thatthis research will provide an indispensable roadmap to policy makers in Saudi Arabia in designingthe future of e government in Saudi Arabia.


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