Effect of Gamma Radiation on Morphological, Thermal and Physico-chemical Properties of Dietary Fiber Extracted from Pineapple shell

Md. Shojib Mia, Mahfuza Islam, Roksana Huque, Jahid M M Islam, M. E. Molla, Mubarak A. Khan


Present work was conducted to investigate the effects of gamma radiation on morphological, thermal and physico-chemical properties of dietary fiber extracted from pineapple-shell. Water retention capacity of treated (20 kGy) and untreated dietary fiber were 4.3 ± 0.34 and 4.9 ± 0.3 g/g respectively. Dietary fiber treated with 20 kGy showed higher water swelling capacity (12.9± 0.3 mL/g) than un-irradiated fiber (9.13± 0.1 mL/g). Fat and glucose binding capacity were found significantly higher in irradiated sample compared to control. Both differential scanning calorimetry and thermo gravimetric analysis confirmed that the thermal stability of dietary fibers decreased with increased radiation doses.


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