Fingertip Interaction With Large Screen Display System Using Virtual Touch Scre

Dejan Chandra Gope, Md Nasir Uddin, Md Anisur Rahaman


Existing large scale display systems generally adopt an indirect approach to user interaction. This is due to the use of standard desktop-oriented devices, such as a mouse on a desk, to control the large wall-sized display. By using an infrared laser pointer and an infrared tracking device, a more direct interaction with the large display can be achieved, thereby reducing the cognitive load of the user and improving their mobility. This paper introduces a novel approach towards direct interaction with large display systems. However, the computer mouse remains the most common interaction tool for such displays. We propose a new approach for fingertip interaction with large display using virtual touchscreen. By taking into account the location of the user and the interaction area available, we can estimate an interaction surface virtual touchscreen between the display and the user. Users can use their pointing finger to interact with the display as if it was brought forward and presented directly in front of them, while preserving viewing angle. An interaction model is presented to describe the interaction with the virtual touchscreen, using the head-hand line method.


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