A Novel Frequency Hopping Scheme for Secure and Reliable Communication Systems

Wassim Itani


Societies nowadays are far more dependent on technology mediated communication than before. The increasing importance of information and communication has brought with it an attempt by the military and other powerful organizations to maintain their dominance by asserting control over communication. Secure communication has grown to be vitally important (ictregulationtoolkit.org).
This paper studies a novel frequency hopping schema that assures secure transmission of real and non-real data transmission. The paper proposes the usage of chaotic functions, logistic mapping and tent mapping, in addition to matrix operations in order to define hopping sequences. A tree algorithm is used in order to combine the above generated frequencies. The paper proposes a novel system that increases the complexity of existing algorithms and makes it very hard to predict using a frequency analyzer. The paper forms a solid ground to a secure Radio Frequency (RF) communication that can be used in real-life applications that seek security in their communications such as military applications.


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