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The Role of Leadership Style on Employee Outcome: An Overview

Amro Alzghoul


Leaders play a crucial role in the creation of the work environment for the employee.  This study apply an extensive literature review on the leadership style concept  to investigate the impact of AL in creating a positive psychological and how that will influence the follower’s performance. Leadership is an important feature for an organization to be able to attain a high level performance. There are many style of leadership, it depend on the way that leader perform within organization. Effective leader’s tasks involve motivation, encouragement, remuneration and analytical skills. If such aspects implemented, the employee performance will be improved and overall organization. During the difficult situations and when there are changing’s in an organization, leaders should show his right characteristic. Authenticity disheartens the leaders from copying the characteristic from others. In order to be authentic, leaders must be first authentic to themselves otherwise it will be not possible to be authentic to others. This study explores the role of authentic leadership (AL) and its influencing on followers performance. The results show that AL is positively related to employee wellbeing and consequently subordinates performance. 


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