Sport SMEs success and entrepreneurial approach In Iran (10th international exhibition)

Farzad nobakht, Negar ashrafi


The main objective of this study is survey on Analysis of the sport SMEs success and entrepreneurial approach in Iran.

The research method used is field-descriptive, that carried out using a Persian self-designed questionnaire based on Stevenson dimension with acceptable validity and reliability. The statistical population and sample of this research include sport equipment SMEs of 10th international exhibition in Iran (n=92, N=120). Data gathered using distribution questionnaire among company executives and analyzed with factor analyze. The study discloses that all of the six dimension (Strategic orientation, entrepreneurial orientation to resources, management structure, compensation philosophy, commitment to grows and entrepreneurial culture) unless entrepreneurial orientation to resources is effective on SMEs success. The results suggest that the owners of these businesses should pay more attention to entrepreneurial approach and to avoid the traditional approach.


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