Comparative Analysis of Groundwater Quality under different Land-use Types in Apapa Local Government Area of Lagos, Nigeria

Soladoye Olayemi, Agbebaku, H. U.


The study examined the differences in physicochemical characteristics of groundwater under varying land uses in Apapa Local Government Area of Lagos State, Nigeria. Samples from 30 hand-dug wells were analysed for six physical and eight chemical parameters. The water samples were from three land use types namely commercial, industrial and residential. Correlation and ANOVA techniques were used to study relationships between elements and differences among land use groups respectively. Parameters such as turbidity, TDS and EC exceeded the WHO standards in some locations. All the chemical parameters under study had significant positive relationships with each other. ANOVA results showed that the observed variations in the occurrence of turbidity, DO, TSS, Cl, Mg, Na and K across land use types were not significant. Significant however at p< .05 are variations in pH, EC, TDS, SO4, NO3, PO4 and Ca. The post hoc tests carried out on these seven parameters further indicated a significant difference between residential and industrial land uses. The paper calls for further research.


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