Investigation of Management Technique of Market Waste and its improvement: a Case Study

Md. Sayed Rahman, Md. Rokon Hasan, Ebna Forhad Modal, Kh. Mahbub Hassan


Solid Waste is massively produced now-a-days in the market sides. These generations of wastes are severely responsible for the pollution of environment. Markets in Khulna city also produce a lot of Solid and Liquid waste. These wastes are not managed properly and the current management process is not suitable to remedy this. For this reason climates changes frequently and environment being polluted. It is now a matter of concern and if the wastes will managed technically then it would be suitable for the environment. This paper indicates a new management process improving the existing one that would be very efficient. The proposed Technique is based on the human resources, financial support, and technical support. From the proposed technique it is found that the wastes are managed in a step by step systematic way. The breakdown of the proposed scheme is very simple and efficient. Wastes are collected in different pattern by the proposed technique and will not hamper the environmental balance. This scheme will give a better alternative of management of market waste management. Wastes are not always burden for the human being and environment. A good management technique will introduce a new era for the solid waste management. Regarding this concept this paper provides some crucial and adaptable technique for solid waste management as well as its adaption.


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