Music and new technologies as specific language of teenagers

Vytautas Zalys


The formation of attitude on music of teenagers, differences and similarities of music, fine arts and media arts, influence of written text and new computer technologies on our visual thinking are analyzing in this article. There are analyzing music as a part of general culture, the importance of new technologies of music creation and retransmission towards a positive attitude to music of teenagers in this article. Music as a part of our social environment experienced a long and complicated way of development. Born as a system functioning on emotional basis and supplementing speech, it increasingly establishes itself on the list of bought/sold goods. Exceptionally intelligent approach to music and emergence of new technologies in the 20th century led to the formation of popular music genre and its wide spreading in the adolescent’s list of values. For purpose to analyze influence of such situation on preferences of teenagers there is analyzing results of empirical research where participated 360 students of comprehensive schools of Lithuania. There is analyzing possibility of formation of specific music language.


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