An Expert System for Diabetes Diagnosis

Tawfik Zeki, Mohammad Malakooti, Yousef Ataeipoor, S. Tabibi


During the recent decades, using expert systems has been developed in a vast level in all sectors of human being life, in particular in the field of medicine. The main objective of this research was to design an expert system for diagnosis all types of diabetes. After data acquisition and designing a rule-based expert system, this system has been coded with VP_Expert Shell and tested in Shahid Hasheminezhad Teaching Hospital affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences and final expert system has been presented. Findings of this research showed that in many parts of medical science and health care the expert systems have been used effectively. The acquisitive knowledge was represented in the diagrams, charts and tables. The related source code using of the expert system was given and after testing the system, finally its validation has been done. It has been concluded here the expert system can be used effectively in all areas of medical sciences. In particular, in terms of vast number diabetics throughout the world, the expert system can be highly helpful for the patients. These patients in many cases are not aware of their disease and how to control it. In addition, some of these patients do not access to the physicians during necessary times. Therefore, such a system can provide necessary information about the indications and diagnosis. Since this expert system gathers its knowledge from several medical specialists, the system has a broader scope and can be more helpful to the patients -- in comparison to just one physician.


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