Perception Of Organizational Commitment Among Nurses In Different Governmental Health Sectors At Riyadh City

Mona Al-Aseeri


Some national studies and articles highlighted that governmental sectors in Riyadh city were suffering for many years from high turnover rate of nurses that reached to seventy percent in some hospitals and resulted in high nurses shortage . This study was conducted to assess nurses' perception of organizational commitment and compare dominant type of commitment (Affective, Continuance, and Normative) among different hospitals in governmental health sectors. The study included a total of 340 nurses who were working in different intensive care units .The positive findings regarding nurses' perception of commitment were that nurse's recorded higher perception of affective commitment than continuance and normative, which is beneficial for organizational effectiveness since that affective commitment has many positive consequences for the organization. In contrast, he nurses’ perception of commitment at the three settings needs a critical attention from hospitals administrators and managers, since that negative association was found between nurses professional status specifically clinical ladder and education with commitment.


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