Investigating the power of interpersonal social influence on citizens’ attitude towards civic engagements in Egypt

Eiman Negm, Passent Tantawi, Ayat Yehia, Azza El Sharabassy


The aim of this paper is to identify various antecedents that create influential social influence. In addition, it plans to investigate the power of interpersonal social influence on Egyptian citizens’ attitude towards civic engagements (individual and collective actions designed to identify and address public and social issues. Civic engagement can take many forms, from individual voluntarism to organizational involvement to electoral participation). This study was considered conclusive research, with a cross-sectional design and an exploratory purpose. The variables were identified through the use of semi-structured interviews. Nine interviews were conducted until the saturation level. The empirical findings indicate that interpersonal social influence plays a vital part in the Egyptian Citizens attitude formation towards civic engagements. In Egypt, civic engagements take many forms of activities. It can include direct efforts of citizens in helping the poor, cleaning local neighborhoods, visiting and volunteering in orphanages, and various political activities, both conventional (such as voting and helping in the presidential campaigns) and unconventional (such as protesting and demonstrating social and governmental issues). People in the Egyptian community seek advice and information from various social ties. These people create powerful impact on the listeners’ attitude due to a wide range of personal characteristics and how they deliver the message. This study contributes on the theoretical level in the following ways: by adding to the field of interpersonal social influence and civic engagement in the Middle East context; by establishing a proposed conceptual framework concerning interpersonal-social influence on attitude formation towards participating in activities that serves the community; and by demonstrating what constitutes as civic engagement in the urban Egyptian context.


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