Impact of administrative practices on Job performance in Alhada Military Hospital

Enad G. Alotaibi, Dr. Mohammed K. Hanawi


Aim: The current study's purpose was to find out the impact of administrative practices on job performance in Alhada Military Hospital.

Methodology: A quantitative descriptive design was used in the study. 369 participants employed in Alhada Military Hospital were recruited based on convenience sampling. A survey was distributed to participants to obtain demographic data and data on administrative practices (human resources planning, communication, and decision-making). The collected responses were subsequently entered into SPSS software for descriptive statistics, ANOVA tests, and regression analysis to establish the association between research variables. Results: Overall, 369 participants participated in the survey, the demographic results showed males constituting a majority at 61.5% (227) and females accounting for 38.5% (142), and the majority of participants are between the ages of 30 and 40, representing a significant 57.2%. with more participants having a Bachelor's education. Results from the ANOVA test and regression analysis revealed a shows Human resources planning demonstrates a notably strong positive relationship with job performance, as indicated by a beta coefficient of 0.963 and a statistically significant T-value of 16.733 at p=0.01. In contrast, communication, with a Beta of 0.0650, shows a relatively weaker positive association with job performance, but it's still statistically significant with a T-value of 1.972 at p=0.0490. On the other hand, decision-making, bearing a beta of 0.0240 and a T-value of 0.423, does not exhibit a statistically significant relationship with job performance at p=0.672. Conclusion: Overall, the study found a strong association between these administrative practices and job performance, particularly for human resources planning. However, decision-making seemed to have a less pronounced impact. This study calls on healthcare policymakers to periodically review and update policies related to administrative practices


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