WTO Alternative Procedures to Resolve Industrial Property Disputes: French Law Perspectives

Mahmoud Ismail


Although the increase in global trade relations, undoubtedly offers prosperity and other benefits, it also brings with it various kinds of international commercial disputes. The reality is that countries need to build collaborations, reduce trade obstacles and always pursue new markets. Commercial disputes are currently arising more often in the field of industrial property, therefore, it is crucial to have rules that runs the movement of trade. This is quite the role of the Dispute Settlement System of the WTO and the other mechanisms that are covered by international trade agreements.

This research studies the impact of alternative dispute resolution for trade disputes wherein trade barriers were enacted for industrial property reasons. Such disputes have been directed through the WTO dispute settlement mechanisms, which contain solid mechanisms that are supposed to resolve disputes on commercial industrial property concerns. The research presents and explains the available WTO modes of alternative procedures. The focus of this research is to address the types of alternative means of resolving international commercial disputes.


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