The Impact of Organizational Conflict Management Methods on Organizational Performance: An applied study in King Faisal Hospital in Makkah City

Maram Abdullah Almuqati, Nasser Akeil Kadasah


The aim of current study is to study the impact of organizational conflict management methods such as accommodating, collaborating, compromising, competing, and avoiding on organizational performance. To achieve the aims of the study, the researchers used the descriptive analytical approach and the questionnaire to collect data. The study was applied to a sample of King Faisal Hospital in Makkah City amounted to (302) employees. Among the most important results of the study: there is a correlation between organizational conflict management methods and organizational performance, and the most methods affecting by correlation coefficient are accommodating method with a correlation coefficient (0.679), collaborating method (0.671), compromising method (0.662) avoiding method (0.655), and competing method (0.2 27) respectively, Recommendations include the following: managers are keen to encourage their subordinates to rely on themselves in solving their problems without interference from management. Promoting the method of cooperation as it is a method that everyone benefits from using it, by involving all hospital employees in setting goals and plans and dealing with them with all transparency and clarity.


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