The Effect of Employees Empowerment On strategic Performance in Manufacturing Companies

Shaker Al-Qudah, Husam Shrouf, Nawras M. Nusairat


The objective of this research is to explore the influence of empowering employees on the strategic performance of manufacturing firms in Jordan. First, the concept of empowerment is clearly defined, and then a valid and reliable measurement instrument is prepared to measure empowerment accordingly. Empowerment is viewed as giving employees temporary authority or a role to express their views on the nature of work, and this makes them able to influence the final results, which will be reached after the application of an opinion.

 The study highlights the positive effect of empowerment on strategic performance in the context of Jordanian manufacturing firms. It also provides guidelines for mangers to apply empowerment effectively so that to boost strategic performance of innovation and productivity. The main implication is that by increasing the levels of empowering employees, they will become more loyal and committed to their firms, and will effectively be involved in enhancing productivity and increasing innovation levels increasing, thus, improving strategic performance.


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