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Towards strategic planning for knowledge management in organizations "Scientific Review"

Maher Mohsen Saleh Faqiha, Prof. Mohammed Jafar M. Aref


The present study focused on the strategic planning of knowledge managementin organizations using the documentary approach. It aims at explaining the concept ofstrategic planning and its importance in making and decision making, setting goals andprograms, then identifying the characteristics and advantages of strategic planning oforganizations, Strategic planning of knowledge management in organizations, and then thefactors of success of strategic planning in organizations, identify some strategic planningmodels that can be applied in organizations, as well as identify the requirements Strategicplanning in organizations, the concept of knowledge management, its objectives and thebenefits of its application, and then identify the knowledge management requirements oforganizations and knowledge management processes, the key benefits of knowledgemanagement in strategic planning, and finally the success factors in applying knowledgemanagement in organizations. The study proposed several recommendations andrecommendations, the most important of which was the development of the strategic planof the organizations and their periodic review with the leaders, the inclusion of knowledgemanagement within the organizational units or departments of the organization and itssupport of specialized human competencies, the establishment of a supportiveorganizational culture for knowledge sharing and exchange, And develop a system ofincentives to encourage individuals to exchange and share their knowledge and skills, andto create a climate conducive to the application of organizational knowledge management.


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