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The Extent to which Information Management is Applied in the Saudi Red Crescent Program

Amin bin Salem Al Harthy, Prof.Khalil Yaghi


Man lives in this life for a limited period, and the possibilities available to him are also limited, yet he carries many aspirations and great concerns and desires and demands countless, and not only to achieve but to organize his life, so the system plays a prominent role in the life of the individual and society. There is no doubt that the organizations that serve the society at the moment is the engine and organizer of all the affairs of life around us, we work in them and deal with them and learn from them and in them also, and with the development of time and space increased the size of these organizations and their numbers and the complexity of information, and the complexity of their operations, Which is no longer the guesswork or intuition or tradition is the best way to manage these organizations to achieve their desired objectives, especially in emergency situations that require organized rapid intervention (Hamidi, 2004). Along with the development of science in our modern world, the emergence of modern technology has been reflected in the various fields of life and the organizations that run it. Consequently, modern methods of planning and organization have been developed, and attempts to improve and develop continuously (Al-Sabbagh, 2000). Therefore, appropriate systems have been created in these organizations to absorb, organize and store information through sophisticated programs and applications that can cope with the problem and help manage it properly.

The most important of these organizations is the Saudi Red Crescent Organization, which was established in 1383 AH as a body with its legal status and its activities all over the Kingdom. As a result of its wide range of services, the TRA has worked to organize the reception of information and communications in its operations room, through which all communications are transmitted and emergency teams are directed to the highest levels. The operations room had to be equipped with techniques that would contribute to the management of information to improve the quality of work and ensure immediate response to all emergency communications. As part of these efforts, the Red Crescent has recently launched the Red Crescent

 The "Safani" application to receive emergency service call notifications via smart phones. The application allows users to create a mobile message, call an emergency squad, request assistance by sending a distress call, knowing the status of the message and tracking its route, and allowing emergency teams from the operations room to infer the location of the amount. To further implement the information management, the Saudi Red Crescent has completed the procedures for linking the organization's electronic volunteer platform with its own operations room. The Volunteer With Us program allows you to connect with emergency services. The volunteer can receive the message through the operating room to help save critical cases nearby, as well as communicate with volunteers and volunteers via e-mail and mobile messages. It also facilitated the task of monitoring and synchronizing the participation of volunteers in the activities of the mobile application through (QR Code)






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