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Organization of insurance business in Russia and problems of its development

Shakhov B. Alex


The relevance of the chosen topic is obvious. In Russia, there are profound economic changes. The idea of ​​the need for insurance as an integral part of the market infrastructure is increasingly being introduced into the public consciousness. The prerequisites for this are obvious: a sharp narrowing of the sphere of state influence on the development of production and distribution of material goods, privatization and privatization of property, the emergence of a huge mass of independent economic entities acting at their own risk and peril in conditions of tough competition.

Free enterprise economics provides equality of opportunity. Each business entity is responsible for its actions. He receives all the benefits from the realization of his own plans and bears all the costs associated with their failure.

World experience shows that any service reaches the greatest efficiency for the consumer only if there is demand and supply more than sufficient to satisfy it. Thus, the insurance market mechanism assumes, on the one hand, the process of formation of specific insurance needs, and on the other hand, an organized system of proposals for their satisfaction.


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