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Ahmad Mohammed Al-Bariqi


This study has focused on recognizing the mechanism through which the role of knowledge exchange between the stakeholders can be identified so that cybercrimes could be minimized. To this aim, and within the frame of the concept of ‘Cybercrime’, a knowledge form has been proposed.

This study aims to recognize and identify the entities directly connected to cybercrimes and identify the currently embraced procedures in relation with information and data share and knowledge among these entities. It further aims to recognize the nature of such cybercrimes prevalent in Saudi Arabia. A community of the study was composed of Internet users. The researcher has employed the survey and descriptive approaches. Additionally, a questionnaire composed of two sections has been designed. Section I covers the personal information of members of the sample group. Section II includes 15 questions about sharing of data and information in order to minimize the cybercrimes. The questionnaire was digitally distributed. The right questionnaires have reached  2237  .

Findings of the study revealed that the most prevalent cybercrimes to which members of the sample group was subject were the Email interception with a percentage standing at 27.33%. In the second rank, the three cybercrimes of financial hacking, identity theft and using malicious codes come with roughly approximate percentages. Members of the sample group have realized that sharing of data and information about cybercrimes could minimize the occurrence of such crimes.

The study has made a number of recommendations as follows: providing additional interest to the relevant entities identified under the Law of Cybercrimes and demonstrate the penalties of such offenses. The study has also recommended attention be given to students in the schools and universities – especially in relation to cybercrimes – and how to use websites as well as the positive employment of such websites.

Owing to the findings revealed by the study that signal the low rate of cybercrimes being reported by victimized persons, there is a dire need for raising the awareness about reporting such incidents and assuming the responsibility for confronting those cybercriminals to protect the society against their ill deeds


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