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The culture Differences and Appropriation

Dr.Asmahan M. Altaher


The accelerating rate of advanced technologies is change the nature of work. It is creates new work arrangements, and present new challenges. The cultural differences refer to having respected each other's differences and variety of human societies in specific region or in the world as a whole. The article aims to explore the culture diminutions in Jordan work communities to understanding how they apply the culture diminution to explain the difference between people from deferent countries who work to gather especially that Jordan made allot of outside investment in order to support the economics. TO make success outside investment we have to understand the culturally differences, if it not  so far it is make allot of misunderstand between the employees’ that work in a teamwork. The article is kind of conceptual study aims to explore the spite of the culture dimensions and provides suggestions for different culture constructs, in order to explore how the peoples might be work to gather and accomplish of the work friendly. The writer recommends that culture differences are very important and support sharing knowledge and the creativity will increases if the place has culture diversity.                                                                                                         


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