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Why does project information fail to deliver promised outcomes?

Abdullah Basahel, Abdulaziz Albarqi


Achievement of project goals or deliverables has always been a topic of debate among the scholars and experts of the project management. This study is directed towards exploring the root factors regarding the research objectives and hypothesis in the project documents. Our study is based on descriptive design, deductive approach and quantitative method. We have conducted a survey with sample population of two hundred and fifty participants. The findings and analysis of the study highlighted that project management; governance and project model selection are the primary factors that have a direct relationship with the project benefit realization process. On the other hand, resource allocation is influenced by human errors in decision making process of project which can ultimately reduce the benefit realization process. Although this study has made a thorough analysis for assessing the factors that can hamper project outcome and delivery, future research can identify external factors that influence project management processes.  


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