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The effects of social media (Facebook, Twitter) on improving consumers behavior’s creating, contributing, and consuming

Ahmad Hanandeh


The strong competition between firms and the global pressures such as globalization are driving the business firms, and the role of social media (Facebook, Twitter) becomes effective as a marketing tool which gathered the firm with its consumers. The aim of this study is to make a deeply study about the relationship and the effects of social media (Facebook, Twitter) on consumer’s behaviours in the field of social media (Facebook, Twitter). The research study is represent a study which aim to investigate the relationship between social media (Facebook, Twitter) and how it effects positively on the enhancing the capabilities of consume behaviour. The main goal for this study is investigating and giving more information about how social media (Facebook, Twitter) represented by (Facebook, twitter) can effect on the behaviour of consumer which represented by (Creating, Contributing, and Consuming). Focusing on previous variables came from studying and clarifying the main effects of social media (Facebook, Twitter) in todays, and providing more information about tis effects on consumers. The research study collected all the needed information based on study interviews designed by Yes/No questions.


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