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Analytical evaluation of RSA and AES using Windows Azure for cloud computing environment

Ayman Bassam Nassuora, Syed Asfandyar Gilani, Muhammad Inaam Ul Haq


Cryptography is a very useful tool to protect the properties of data like integrity, privacy, confidentiality in any environment. This paper explores some useful aspects of cryptography in cloud computing environment. There are different types of encryption algorithms used in order to ensure the data security. These algorithms are of different types like symmetric, a symmetric and hashing algorithms. The objective of this paper is performance analysis of selected set of algorithms on the basis of different parameters, so that the best out of all these options is chosen or combinations of some of them can be utilized to secure data in cloud computing environment. The algorithms included in this study are RSA, AES. The parameters which are used for performance analysis are CPU utilization, running time of the code, data encryption capacity. These are the performance parameters which are calculated for every algorithm in cloud based environment i.e. windows azure simulator by utilizing visual studio IDE and profiler services by integrating windows azure SDK. The interpretation of these results are done by using various graphs which shows trend of a particular algorithms on basis of time of encryption and decryption.


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