Modern nursing training

Crin N. Marcean, Mihaela A. Alexandru, Eugenia S. Cristescu


Nursing is a science, an art and a profession. The competencies, abilities, as well as the psycho-motor, cognitive and relational skills necessary for the nursing practice are conveyed and improved by the nursing teachers’ art of teaching. They must select and use the teaching methods which shape the personalities of the trainers or students, enabling them to provide individualized, personalized care in real-world context of health problems. In the “Fundeni” Sanitary Post High-school the nursing teachers pay special attention to the professional development of the students, while also focusing on the skills needed for the nursing practice of the care process. The methods and strategies used by us are aimed at communicating and exploring the patients’ health problems, as well as selecting the proper ways to solve them. Among them are different variants of the case studies, role plays, tours or visits to different locations, the Philips 6/6 method, the Frisco method, the communication experiment method (“Communication with the patient”). During the partnership proposed to the students, the nursing teacher provides them with the chance to form their character and personality, in order to achieve the objectives of professional training.


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