Deciduous Performance Analysis of Three Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor using Matlab-Simulink

Nwosu , A.W., Mbachu , C.B.


This paper aimed at a complete dynamic model of three phase induction motor based on mathematical equation to simulate the deciduous performance of induction motor which is greatly affected by sudden change in its supply system, operating speed and shaft load including any variation in moment of inertia (MOI) due to gear arrangement application. As the nonlinear relationship of induction motor between its input and output variables are complex and the physical simulation of the induction motor is difficult. Therefore, a detailed and accurate computer base mathematical model is essential to investigate the characteristics of its and predicting the transient behaviour of induction motor for any specific application. The dynamic mathematical model of induction motor, which was used in the motor dynamic studies, is expressed by the six differential equations of three-phase instantaneous voltage and current. In conclusion, the effect of change in load torque and MOI on motor performance characteristics resulted as observed from fig. 5, fig. 7 and fig. 8 and table III, which show that:  (i) MOI greatly affects the inrush current drawn by the induction motor, (ii) moment of inertia has significant effects during starting in contrast of steady state operations, (iii) low values of MOI results into a low settling time, whereas it is increasing with increase in MOI and (iv) speed build up is found to be smooth with large value of MOI. 


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