Implementation of kaizen for continuous improvement of productivity in garment industry in Bangladesh

Saima Akter, Farasat Raiyan Yasmin, Md. Ariful Ferdous


Kaizen is a continuous improvement of process, often is considered to be the building block of all lean production methods. The ultimate objective of this paper is to increase efficiency and productivity in sewing floor of luggage manufacturing plant through system simplification, process standardization, reducing waste and incremental improvements by using modern techniques like Kaizen. By implementing kaizen, line efficiency has been improved up to 7% and Defect per Hundred units has also reduced. For industries, to remain competitive and retain market share in this global market, continuous improvement of manufacturing system processes has become necessary. Kaizen strives to empower the workers, increase worker satisfaction, facilitates a sense of accomplishment, thereby creating a pride of work. It not only ensures that  manufacturing  processes  become  leaner  and  fitter,  but  eliminate  waste where  value  is  added.


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