The Impact of Knowledge Management on Job Satisfaction A Study on Saudi Public Universities

Ohoud Saleh, Kamel Khoualdi


The objective of this study is to investigate the existence of a positive impact of knowledge management on job satisfaction. The study empirically supports the theoretical effect of knowledge management processes on job satisfaction. The findings among employees of selected universities are generalized to public university sectors of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, since universities are obvious to explore the implementation of knowledge management (KM) in the public sector.

The findings of the study depended on the full utilization of statistical data collected and analyzed using SPSS. A simple random sample of (490) employees was drawn from the population of (27,963) employees from five public universities.

From analysis of correlation between factors, which are knowledge management processes and job satisfaction, the results of this research found that there is a highly positive significant relation between job satisfaction and each process of the knowledge management.

More theoretical and empirical explanations are needed. This research tries to fill this gap in the literature and make significant contributions of knowledge management implications such as job satisfaction.


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