Healthy aging and anti-aging medicine

Onur Oral, P. Solmaz Hasdemir


Aging should be accepted an inevitable process that every living creature had to experience instead of a disease. However, anti-aging is a philosophy of life that slows down the aging process. A healthy and slow aging is possible through this philosophy. Aging has socialogical, economical, biological and psychological dimensions. Thanks to anti-aging medicine, these dimensions are substantially positive. A regular life-style, physical activity, genetic structure and exercising are imperative for achieving a slow and healthy aging. Youth and old age are relative concepts depending on different cultures and having slowness of physiological movements and even becoming almost functionless is accepted as aging. It will be possible to make huge developments when the studies of stemcell and genes and the studies of anti-aging are performed together abiding by ethical principles. Exercising should be done regularly as a part of life to secure a healthy life.


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