The Impact of Code of Medical Ethics on Health Service Quality among Physicians at Saudi Hospitals of Jeddah

Saeed Abdulrahman Alqahtani, Ala'Eddin Mohammad Khalaf Ahmad, Omar Zayyan Alsharqi, Dalia Abdullah Qalai


This research aims to determine the scope of applying medical ethics among physicians at Saudi hospitals. This research consists of the independent variables represented by code of medical ethics principles (namely autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, and, justice) and dependent variable which represented by health service quality. In order to explore the relationship between independent and dependent variables the quantitative method was applied to collect primary data through a questionnaire, which was administered in the government, and private sector hospitals in Jeddah city. The research population consists of 2871 physicians. The research sample consists of the 287 physicians (10%). The researcher retrieves 176 valid research questionnaires accounted (61%). A purposive sampling strategy was used to choose the participants in this research. The results confirm significant relationship between the codes of medical ethics and health service quality. The result shows that four independent variables are significant (autonomy, beneficence, non- maleficence, and justice) on health service quality. This research contributes to recognizing the vital roles of medical ethics in improving the patient service quality. Regarding the beneficence the physician if consider patient well being and contribute to develop their medical profession by update knowledge and continuous medical education through clinical practice research (randomized control trials) applying evidence based medicine  providing that physician deliver health care in a quality standard  regarding  (attitude ,skills , knowledge, and experience). In turn will lead to increase cure rate, and improve patient well-being. Therefore the medical ethics need to be flexible and open to change and adjust regularly. The medical ethics depends on the future of medicine (e.g. new procedures and techniques).


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