Self-Maintainable Views Group in P2P Environment

Abderrazak Sebaa, Tari A. Kamel


Peer-to-Peer environment is gradually more popular for sharing data for distributed applications. Peer-to-peer makes these applications more reliable, efficient, available and scalable. Also, materialized views which are derived from base relations are often used to speed up query processing and data sharing. In this paper, we are interested in materialized view maintenance in P2P environment; we propose a new approach which uses some characteristics of views in such system. Our maintenance approach consists to create virtual groups of peers. Groups will contain views that sharing maximum of common data sources, then, we will associate at each group a set of auxiliary views which will be stored in a peer chosen by our algorithm, it will be the group center. The auxiliary views set will allow the group to be self-maintainable.  Then, we propose a view maintenance algorithm based on two steps, notification of modifications and computing & sending of view updates. Finally simulation experiments implemented with java, show that both maintenance cost and total message number are reduced using our approach, we compared group maintenance cost in various situations in order to find the optimal conditions that our proposal is more efficient. 


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