Implementation and Evolution of Obstacle Avoidance Vehicle Robot

Dheeman Paul, M.S. Muhit, Marzana Khatun


Robots are widely used in manufacturing industries around the world for repetitive jobs that are boring, stressful, dangerous or labor-intensive for humans. However, due to high cost of robots, most of the industries in our country are reluctant to introduce this technology for their production chains. In this project, a low cost prototype industrial robot is introduced that travels between the pre-determined source and the destination in an industrial area with many obstacles. A vision-based novel obstacle avoidance algorithm is developed for mobile robot navigation. The state-of-the-art ultrasonic sensor is applied to detect obstacles during its travels. The proto-type robot is light weight and consumes only 4.5 watt. Moreover, the total implementation cost is only $25-30. With these evaluations, the proto-type discussed forecast a promising future of the application of robotics in our industrial environments.


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