Dr. Suavi TUNCAY


He is a PhD who carries out interdisciplinary studies.

He has given various conferences both in Turkey and abroad, has participated in various symposiums and congresses; and with his different propositions has attracted the attention of institutions and organizations, foremost that of the scientific World.

Dr. Suavi Tuncay, who joined in different programs of various television broadcasts, has written various articles and studies on different topics as given below as well as two poem books that were published with names the of “Guzelsin Iste” and “Yufka Yurekli Teneke”

His graduation thesis at undergraduate level is a study with the name of “Effects of Tendency Towards Urbanization as far as the Social Structure and Behaviors are Concerned”. Especially, as his master thesis “Political Contribution in Western Democracies and the Principle of Openness” was uttermost extensive and far-reaching, it attracted attention and was requested by Dokuz Eylul University Institute of Social Sciences with a publication permission of the Public Administration which is an important public institution.

Moreover, his Ph. D. study with the name of “Intra-Party Democracy and Turkey” that was treated extensively for the first time in Turkey was published in the same period by Gundogan Publishing and attracted so much attention. This study, which found a wide coverage in the press, unfortunately scared the political administrators.

Last but not least, he is the founder and editor-in-chief of international Turkbilim Journal. His success to regularly publish a journal which is still ongoing to be published and has reached up to its 19th edition without any failure and which is screened in MLA is highly appreciated by all reviewers, editors and authors of the editorial board as well as the public opinion.

Dr. Suavi Tuncay, who was born in Izmir is married and has two children. His daughter has been carrying out her Ph.D. study in the U.S.A. in the area of computer engineering. We may specify the subjects on which he has studied as following topics:


Public Administration and Political Science, Research Methods,

Political Communication and Persuasion Method, Behavioral Sciences

Urban Science and Urbanization, Ecology

Political Parties, Institutional Communication and Public Relations

Interest Groups and Group Sociology, Educational Psychology

Turkish Foreign Policy and International Relations

State Structure and Qualifications, Turkish and Its Importance

Socialization Processes and Family Structures

Economic, Social and Cultural Structures; Political Systems,

Public Administration and Efficiency, Election Strategies

Administration and Communication in Institutional Structures

Public Opinion and Zoning Law, Press and Media,

Lobbies and NGO’s and Family Psychology

The Relationship between Democracy and Majority, Culture and Human,

Ethic Rules in Relationships between Human and the Institution

Turkic Republics, Popular Culture Cognition

Turkish States and Work Psychology,

Constitutional Law and Its Importance, Alienation,

Political Involvement and Interest Motive

Political Persuasion and Public Opinion, Educational Psychology

Public Administration and Personality Characteristics,

Lobbying in Institutional Structures and Interest Relations,

Factors that Impact National Membership Conscience.

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