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The Impact of Employees Empowerment in business development on commercials banks

Dr.Asmahan Altaher, Dr.Shaker Alqudah, Dr.Husam Shrouf


The primary reason why managers and employees struggle with the concept of empowerment is that they both have a misconception of what real empowerment actually entails. Empowerment is mainly concerned with establishing and building trust between management and employees, and motivating their participation. Allot of studies have been recognized the relationship between psychological empowerment and job commitment and expressed that between psychological empowerment components and career development. The study would light on the main effects of empowerment in business development on commercials banks The researchers has develop deferent guideline to create effective empowerment which lead to high degree for customers satisfaction The researchers recommend that commercial banks must remain a key component of empowerment efforts, and when employees Participate in important tasks the productivity will increased.


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