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Improving Awareness of Social Engineering Threats among Zulfi Technical College Students

Abdulrahman N. Alseqyani


There are many approaches that malicious individuals or hackers apply in the attempt to violate the information security protection of a corporation or an institution. Social engineering also termed as the human method is one of them. Social engineering is explicated as the art of using human characters to breach information security without the victim or participant knowledge that they have been manipulated. A huge number of staffs, faculties, and students make use of computer devices to store, manage and share a broad range of data and information. A personal computer contains information that is confidential and distinct personal information; then, it is of great essence to comprehend information security in order to protect information stored in computers. That being said, this paper focuses on improving awareness of social engineering threats among technical college students. A research study was carried out at Riyadh Region, Saudi Arabia in Zulfi Technical College. Questionnaires were drafted and distributed to students in this technical college. A descriptive approach of analysis was adopted to analyze the collected data. This paper in indispensable to college institutions in pursuits of improving awareness of social engineering threats among technical colleges students.


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