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Determination of phytocompounds and antimicrobial screening of leaf of Chryophyllum albidum (linn).

C. Fostera Orakwue, B. Chiamaka Okafor


Chrysophyllum albidum plant leaf was screened based on the acclaimed medicinal properties of the plant. Organoleptically, the pulverized leaf of the plant has greenish colouration, soft and fine texture, bitter in taste and has a spicy odour.  Phytochemical screening indicated the presence of alkaloids (2.92%), saponins (11.33%), flavonoids (10.83%), terpenoids (2.15%), cardiac glycosides (1.83%) and tannins (2.42%). The plant contains trace metals as determined using Atomic Absorption Spectrometer. Calcium (2.50ppm), potassium (110.50ppm), sodium (0.36ppm), zinc (0.80ppm), iron (3.90ppm), and phosphorus (17.60ppm) were present in various concentrations. The aqueous extract of the plant leaf is slightly acidic (5.40) and ash content of 6.500. Bulk extract, saponins, alkaloids. And saponins extracts of the plant has activities on test organisms except saponins and flavonoids which have no activity on Aspergillus niger. These activities affirmed the acclaimed use of the plant for medicinal purposes.


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